Saflora castor oil

Saflora ricinų aliejus-Beauty chest
Saflora ricinų aliejus-Beauty chest
Saflora ricinų aliejus-Beauty chest

Saflora castor oil

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Ingredients : 100% pure cold-pressed unrefined castor oil.
INCI : ricinus communis seed oil (virgin).
Country of origin : India.
Certificate : organic.

Virgin castor oil is extracted by cold pressing from the seeds of the castor tree Ricinus Communis L. Unrefined.

Castor seeds are rich in oil with special properties, which is widely known in various industries. This oil has an antimicrobial, cleansing effect, removes toxins, reduces swelling, promotes hair and eyelash growth.

Castor oil is used for face and body skin care, especially suitable for sensitive skin prone to irritation and redness. It is recommended for cleaning dirty, oily, acne-prone skin.

Castor oil whitens the skin, reduces and destroys pigment spots

Castor oil stimulates the growth of scalp hair, it is recommended to take care of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes and promote their growth in case of baldness and severe shedding.

This oil is used to soften calluses and gradually eliminate them. Gives the skin of the legs softness and softness, removes fatigue.

Castor oil is used for lip care - it covers the skin of the lips with a film that protects them from brushing, drying, cold, negative environmental effects.

It is used pure, in a mixture with other oils, as a base oil for the composition of natural essential oils, for supplementing other cosmetic products. It is used for applications, dressings, ointments, and for the production of massage and cosmetic mixtures.

Daily facial cleansing :
Add one to two teaspoons of oil to the cup, keep the cup in hot water for 2 minutes. After soaking a cotton swab in warm oil, wipe the facial skin, after a few minutes wipe the facial skin with boiled water or a cotton swab soaked in tea.

Deep cleaning of the facial skin :
Mix castor oil with another vegetable oil (eg jojoba, olive or other plant base oil suitable for skin type). Mix oils according to skin type. Since castor oil dries the skin with this method, 10% is recommended for dry skin, 30% for oily, mixed skin. ricin oil. Massage the resulting mixture of oils into the skin of the face, neck, especially into problem areas. The mixture of oils also removes makeup at the same time! After the oil has absorbed into the skin, wet a towel with very hot water and cover the entire face. Keep the towel until it cools down. After wiping the oil from the facial skin, wash the towel again with hot water and cover the facial skin. Repeat 1-2 times. In this way, all dirt is thoroughly cleaned from the skin of the face and the pores of the skin are opened. Facial skin is perfectly cleansed and sebum production is regulated! After cleaning, the skin may become slightly red and dry, so treat it with oil, hydrosol or cream. Repeat this procedure once a week in the evening.

Eye skin :
Heat a teaspoon in hot water or on the stove. Lubricate it with castor oil and when the spoon is at a good enough temperature to avoid burning the skin, hold it close to the skin under the eyes and massage, rubbing the rest gently with the fingertips. This will help reduce existing wrinkles.

For eyelashes :
We add castor oil to the empty, expired mascara bottle and comfortably paint eyelashes and eyebrows with castor oil using a mascara brush. It is best to do this during the day and keep it for a few hours, not overnight - you can rub it into your eyes. Eyelashes and eyebrows will be thicker and longer.

Foot smoothing procedure :
Spread the split heels or the whole feet with castor oil, wrap them in cling film and put on woolen socks. Best left overnight.

When the hair falls out a lot :
Mix equal parts of castor oil and spirit, rub the roots of the hair with this mixture, keep it for 1-2 hours, wash it with shampoo and rinse the hair with acidic water (you can use natural lemon juice or vinegar for rinsing).

For hair strengthening :
Mix 2 tablespoons of fresh onion juice with the same amount of castor oil. Rub the head, wrap it in cellophane and a thick towel, keep it for 30-40 minutes. After that, wash well with shampoo.

For the destruction of dry dandruff :
2 tablespoons of castor oil, the same amount of calendula tincture. Rub the scalp with this mixture and keep it for 20-30 minutes. After that, wash well with shampoo.


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