Safflower seed oil

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Safflower seed oil

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Ingredients : 100% pure essential oil of the beaks.
INCI : pelargonium graveolens oil.

Sprig oil is extracted by hydrodistillation from the perennial evergreen shrub Pelargonium graveolens. In order to extract 1 kg of essential oil, 500-1000 kg of freshly cut grass must be processed. This process is costly.

Country of origin : Egypt.
Certificate : organic.
Smell : It has a fresh, rich, warm, rose-like aroma that lifts the mood.
Contraindications : individual intolerance to safflower oil. Use with caution in pregnant women and those with epileptic symptoms. Before using essential oils, it is necessary to check whether the inhaled or applied oil will not cause an individual allergic reaction!
Storage conditions : tightly closed in a cool, dark place. Keep out of the reach of children.

Pelargonium is one of the many plants that have long been used in the perfumery, soap and food industries.
According to experts in aromatherapy, the essential oil of scapula relieves anxiety and depression by acting on the nervous system, improves mood, increases work efficiency, and helps focus. The aroma of the beaks calms children - it reduces their capriciousness and aggressiveness.

Sea buckthorn oil helps with cellulite because it stimulates lymphatic drainage. This oil helps fight respiratory, throat, oral cavity and other infections. Relieves pain in neuralgia.

Buckthorn oil in cosmetics has a positive effect on dry, sensitive and damaged skin. It perfectly removes rashes, inflammations and quickly regenerates burnt or frostbitten skin, it rejuvenates and becomes smooth. The oil activates the blood circulation, restores a healthy appearance to dull skin.

Chamomile oil can be used in cases of skin infections, it is suitable for removing rashes caused by the herpes virus, it has antifungal and antiparasitic effects. The oil effectively helps with burns, wounds, fractures, frostbite, dermatosis, stomatitis.

Snail essential oil is recommended for daily care of irritated, sensitive, oily skin.

Apply pure rosehip essential oil or its mixture with rose or lavender essential oil (ratio 1:1) to the affected area of ​​the skin (burn, scars, herpes, etc.).

Replenishment of cosmetics :
Mix 4 - 5 drops of rosehip essential oil or a mixture with rosehip, lavender or sandalwood essential oil (ratio 1:1) with 10 g of cream or 10 ml of tonic, lotion, etc.

Compresses :
Mix 1 drop of essential oil of chickpeas with 4 drops of vegetable oil (almond, avocado, jojoba or wheat germ). Use in case of stomatitis, skin burns, frostbite, cuts.

Massage :
Mix 5 - 7 drops of the essential oil of chickpeas or its mixture with the essential oil of basil, bergamot, orange or lemon (ratio 1:1) with 1 - 2 tbsp. spoons of any vegetable oil (jojoba, almond, peach, grape seed, etc.).

Bathrooms :
10 drops of essential oil or one of a mixture of oils, previously mixed with 1 tbsp. a spoonful of milk, honey, sea or table salt, add to a bath filled with water at a temperature of 37-38 °C. The duration of the procedure is 10 - 20 minutes.

Rinsing :
Add 3-5 drops of the essential oil of sedum to 1 glass of warm boiled water.

Room aromatization :
Add 3 - 5 drops of the essential oil of the beak or its mixture with the essential oil of bergamot, rosemary, lemon (ratio 1:1) into an aromatic lamp filled with water, and light the candle in the lamp. The aroma will spread in the room. If you don't have an aroma lamp, you can put the essential oil on a napkin or add it to a cup of hot water and place it on a radiator. Eliminates fatigue, increases mental and physical activity. The duration of the procedure is 15 - 30 minutes. 1-2 drops of oil are enough for a children's room.


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